LD015 Supermarket LED Headlight Fog Light Bulbs Metal 4 Display Shelving Retail Fixtures Rack With PVC Graphics

Short Description:

1. single sided design / 4 metal shelves hang on the back board / the top shelf for headlight bulbs, and other shelf for fog light bulbs /
2. side boards and top of display with PVC graphics / with promotion screen on back board / insert the price tag font of each shelf / completely knock down parts packing

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ITEM Supermarket LED Headlight Fog Light Bulbs Metal 4 Display Shelving Fixtures Retail Rack With PVC Graphics
Model Number LD015
Material Metal
Size 800x500x1900mm
Color Black
MOQ 100pcs
Packing 1pc=2CTNS, with foam, and pearl wool in carton together
Installation & Features One year warranty;Document or video, or support online;
High degree of customization;
Modular design and options;
Heavy duty;
Order payment terms 30% T/T the deposit, and balance will pay before shipment
Lead time of production Below 1000pcs - 20~25 daysOver 1000pcs - 30~40 days
Customized services Color / Logo / Size / Structure design
Company Process: 1.Received the specification of products and made quotation send to customer.
2.Confirmed the price and made sample to checked the quality and other details.
3.Confirmed the sample, placed the order, start the production.
4.Inform customer shipment and photos of production before almost finished.
5.Received the balance funds before load the container.
6.Timely feedback information from customer.


PACKAGING DESIGN Completely knock down parts / Completely finished packing
PACKAGE METHOD 1. 5 layers carton box.
2. wood frame with carton box.
3. non-fumigation plywood box
PACKAGING MATERIAL Strong foam / stretch film / pearl wool / corner protector / bubble wrap
inside packaging

Company Advantage

1. Factory strength focus on various shelf and display manufacturer, production efficiency large orders can also be delivered on time.
2. Product quality sample can be customized and improve the quality assurance system.
3. Engineers with over 6 years of experience, strength to ensure that the company’s geographical environment is superior, convenient transportation, covering an area of 8000 square meters, focus on business super department store accessories.
4. Perfect management system and high quality management talents, advanced digital students, production management system large orders can also be guarantee to press, time delivery standardized production of samples and perfect logistics.

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Acrylic workshop -1

Acrylic workshop

Metal workshop-1

Metal workshop



Metal powder coating workshop-1

Metal powder coating workshop

wood painting workshop (3)

Wood painting workshop

Wood material storage

Wood material storage

Metal workshop-3

Metal workshop

packing workshop (1)

Packaging workshop

packing workshop (2)

Packaging workshop

Customer Case

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Q: Sorry, we don’t have any idea or design for the display.

A: That’s all right, just tell us what products would you display or send us pictures what you need for reference, we will provide suggestion for you.

Q: How about the delivery time for sample or production?

A: Normally 25~40 days for mass production, 7~15 days for sample production.

Q: I don’t know how to assemble a display?

A: We can provide the installation manual in each package or video of how to assemble the display.

Q: What is your terms of payment?

A: Production term – 30% T/T deposit, the balance will pay before shipment.

Sample term – full payment in advance.

How to choose supermarket display shelves

  This is an important aspect of the purchase of any product must be considered, for the quality of the shelves, we can look at the surface treatment of the shelves, whether the surface spraying is smooth, flat, consistent color, and the welding process of the shelves, this is good to identify, just look at whether there are welding gaps, etc. In addition, is the material of the shelves, the shelves of the material of the domestic standard is not uniform.
2, Safety performance:
  Supermarket shelves are also to place some heavy goods, so, also to meet the general requirements of the shelf basis, that is, the safety of the shelves to be able to grasp. Supermarket shelves different goods need different shelves, load and structure are different, in the selection, must be combined with the actual demand to choose the highest security shelves.
3, Style:
 The role of supermarket shelves is to place goods in order to facilitate customer selection, so, in the selection of supermarket shelves, must consider the shelf structure, whether it is convenient to place the goods, firm or not, the column to see the uniformity of the cross-section bending, the more uniform the better.
4, Aesthetics:
 Supermarket customers are customers, customers entering the supermarket is the supermarket shelves, so the choice of supermarket shelves must pay attention to the beauty of the shelves, a beautiful set of shelves, can give people a beautiful and harmonious feeling, to a greater extent to meet people's shopping feeling.
5, Consider the diversity of goods:
 Different goods need to choose different types of shelves, for example, some goods need to be hung up, it requires shelves with hooks and other accessories.
6, Price and quality should be proportional to:
      Selection of supermarket shelves should not be greedy for cheap, to shelf quality and safety in the first place, learn to consider the long-term interests, choose high quality and expensive shelves better.

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