FB175 Retail Store Food Metal 6 Wire Shelves Snacks Chips Display Fixture Rack With Wheels

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6 wire shelves for snacks hang on the frame / stick graphics in front of shelf, 2 sides and top sign of rack / 4 wheels with lockers / completely knock down parts packing

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ITEM Retail Food Metal 6 Wire Shelves Snacks Chips Display Rack With Wheels
Model Number FB175
Material Metal
Size 400x300x1750mm
Color Red
MOQ 100pcs
Packing 1pc=2CTNS, with stretch film and pearl wool in carton together
Installation & Features Assemble with screws;One year warranty;
Document or video, or support online; High degree of customization;
Modular design and options;
Heavy duty;
Sample payment terms 100% T/T the payment(will be refund after place the order)
Lead time of sample 7-10 days after received the sample payment
Order payment terms 30% T/T the deposit, and balance will pay before shipment
Lead time of production Below 500pcs - 20~25 daysOver 500pcs - 30~40 days
Customized services Color / Logo / Size / Structure design
Company Process: 1.Received the specification of products and made quotation send to customer.
2.Confirmed the price and made sample to checked the quality and other details.
3.Confirmed the sample, placed the order, start the production.
4.Inform customer shipment and photos of production before almost finished.
5.Received the balance funds before load the container.
6.Timely feedback information from customer.


inside packaging

Company Advantage

1. Strict quality control and numerous advanced world-class production equipment.
2. Thickened cold rolled steel high strength load capacity.
3. Good quality powder coating, the surface is smooth and flat.
4. Selected materials have strong load capacity and do not wobble.
5. Professional factory - more than 8 years display packaging industry experience 8000 square maters size factory, 100 professional production workers.
6. Customized services - customized display racks of various models, our products are including commercial display shelving system and warehouse rack system, our products are stressed on elegant, flexibility, durable and cost saving.
7. Customized size - you can provide your products sizes and quantity need to display per stand, then give us a general sizes like display width, depth and height. Our design team will come out a detail specification for your reference, we will tailor the display sizes just fit for your products.

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Acrylic workshop

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Metal workshop



Metal powder coating workshop-1

Metal powder coating workshop

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Wood painting workshop

Wood material storage

Wood material storage

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Metal workshop

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Packaging workshop

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Packaging workshop

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Q: Sorry, we don’t have any idea or design for the display.

A: That’s all right, just tell us what products would you display or send us pictures what you need for reference, we will provide suggestion for you.

Q: How about the delivery time for sample or production?

A: Normally 25~40 days for mass production, 7~15 days for sample production.

Q: I don’t know how to assemble a display?

A: We can provide the installation manual in each package or video of how to assemble the display.

Q: What is your terms of payment?

A: Production term – 30% T/T deposit, the balance will pay before shipment.

Sample term – full payment in advance.

How to choose the shelves in the snack area of the supermarket?

A good shelf is the first step to a good display. How to choose a shelf suitable for displaying snacks, is the key to display design can not be ignored.
1, according to the positioning of the supermarket to choose the shelf material (choice of material: steel wood or steel)
Before choosing the shelves should first consider the positioning of the supermarket, if it is a boutique supermarket, it is recommended to choose more high-end steel and wood shelves; ordinary community convenience supermarkets are suitable to choose more affordable steel shelves.
2, according to the layout of the design of the shelf selection style (style selection: single-sided x double-sided)
Different layout design, the shelves have different requirements for the style. If you need to be placed against the wall, we need to use single-sided supermarket shelves: vice versa, choose double-sided supermarket shelves. But generally these two shelves will be used.
3, according to the display of the way to choose the shelf configuration (configuration of choice: hook or laminate)
Different display methods, need different shelf configuration to support. For example, to hang display, that supermarket shelves. It must be equipped with hooks, and it is best to choose removable square hooks, convenient for future replacement into the laminate, at any time to change the display mode. Supermarket display design is a visual representation of the supermarket image, but also to enhance the supermarket environment, to create a comfortable shopping atmosphere, to enhance the customer shopping experience is an important link, each operator can not ignore.

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