Merchandise Displays: How Retailers Can Boost Sales with Custom Display Solutions

If you are a retailer or wholesaler, or brand owner, are you going to look for increase your sales and promote your branding by a more attractive and advertising tools in brick-and-mortar store? We suggest our merchandise displays can work with it. In this article, we will discuss what is merchandise display, advantages and different types of displays available in supermarket and retail store today.


H2: What Is Merchandise Display From TP Display?

Merchandise displays can be made of wood, metal and acrylic material with shelving, hanger hooks, baskets, lighting and more other components for optional. It can appeal to attract and create an emotional connection with customers and encourage to buy the products. The display can be customized by the specific needs and preferences of the retailer include logo, color, dimensions and size.


Why Merchandise Displays So Important?

Good merchandise displays have a significant effect on your store's sales. According to the point of purchase advertising international (POPAI), the data show the right displays can lead to increase 20% up to the sales. Well-designed displays can also improve the customer’s shopping experience, making it easier to find what they are looking for and increasing the overall satisfaction in your store.


H2: Advantages Of Merchandise Displays

A. Improved The Product Impress From Customer

The merchandise displays can help you to increase the exposure rate in-store. Enhance organizing and displaying products in an attractive way to customer, impress them with your products and branding promotion.

B. Sales Increasing

A well-designed merchandise display can make your brand grow and sales increased significantly, also it can improve the buy’s shopping atmosphere and enjoy the process.

C. Boost Your Brand Image

It can also advance your brand image and awareness in promotion. TP Display could creating a visually amazing and organized shopping environment, and try the best to maximize your brand's values and identity to buyers.


H2: Types of Merchandise Displays

In our manufacturing experience, we collect several types of merchandise displays that made before and recommend for you, our each designed with a requirement and these are the most cost-effective of merchandise displays,

A. Merchandise Display With Shelving

This model fixed and sturdy structure of display that can showcase a various of products what you needed. It including core of many grocery and big-box stores for customized to fit the retailer's requirement. 

B. Floor Merchandise Display

This type of display rack is designed to be easier to place on the ground with wheels or rubber support feet, wear-resistant, and has a better load-bearing capacity. It can also be equipped with more accessories such as shelves, baskets, cross bar and hooks. Due to the relatively large size of the display rack, Therefore, the structure that needs to be dismantled is easier to transport.

  1. Countertop Merchandise Displays

It can be design put on counter or table top for promote the products seems like POS display, directly display the advantages of products when customers check out, increase customers' desire to buy more. You can design multiple shelves to hold more products and add more graphics stick around the display to make the display more attractive and more attention-grabbing.


IV. Conclusion

We think good merchandise display can be an excellent investment for retailers or branding owner to looking boost sales and impact of brand. If you're interested in our recommended, TP Display could be design more various of displays available following your specified, we provide merchandising and custom display solutions for promotion with more than 5 years of design, manufacturing experience. TP Display has more than 500 designs of retail fixture, store shelving, shelf system, and stock display, also include the various of hook, shelf divider, sign holders, and slatwall and so on.

Post time: Apr-08-2023