Store Shelving: The Ultimate Guide to Organize Your Retail Space

 Store shelving is one of the most important elements in retail design, and essential for creating the backbone of retail space, you can follow our introduction to learn more about the advantages of store shelving, different types and how to choose the right one for your store or promotion.

If you are a owner of store, or small boutique, a large department store or branding owner, you may know a well-organized and amazing appearance display is important to promote your products. Store shelving could very useful for you, including increase visibility, growth performance and make a great shopping experience for customers. It can also make all the difference in your brand success. We would let you know we invest the right store shelving is not only functional, but it let display combine with storage together to save more spaces and add the aesthetic appeal of your store. We write this article will provide you with a comprehensive guide and recommend models for you reference and new ideas.

Advantages Of Store Shelving:

Products Exposure: It allows to display your products in a visually appealing in store, beautiful design and rational structure could attracting customer’s attention and increase their desire to buy.

Products Sorting: Store shelving can keep your products sorted and easily supply for your customers, increase the speed and chances of customer find what they are looking for, and also encourage them to buy more, leading to higher sales.

Maximize Spaces: Store shelving can help to utilize your store’s space efficiently, with different types of shelving to make different product displays and save the maximize space.

Enhance Shopping Experience: Store shelving makes a significant role in creating a good shopping experience for each customer. Properly sorting and visually appealing leading customer shopping more easier and enjoyable.

Types Of Store Shelving:

Gondola Shelving: It is the most common model of store shelving, these are functional, strong and durable shelves that with different sizes, structure, color and brand. They can adjust to fit any space or products display, here it is recommend model for you reference,


Slatwall Shelving: There is another welcome type of store shelving. It includes wall-mounted back panels with horizontal grooves to attach cross bars or shelves, also hang different types of hooks and other display accessories, please see the recommend models below,


Wire Shelving: Light weight but sturdy is the advantages of this type of store shelving, can fit for clothing, hat, socks, small things and other accessories. Normally the structure should be welded together, but they appear irregular design or shape lead to add some packing volume, a little hard cleaning. See the models we recommend below,

FL076CM044 (3)

Pegboard Shelving: Open holes on metal panel hang on side tubes or wall-mounted design for displaying smaller items such as tools, software accessories or craft supplies. It can fit hooks, wire shelves or baskets to hold products.

Recommend or reference models:

TD002 (1)HD036

How To Choose The Good Store Shelving For Your Products?

Foshan TP Display Products Factory is a company that provides one-stop service on the production of promotion display products, customize design solutions and professional advice for store shelving. We listed some essential factors to balance the good store shelving whether it is right for you.

Space: Rational use your retail space is very important when laying the store shelving, overcrowd the store with too many shelves or let customer hard to move around is not unavailable. Conversely, you won’t see that too few displays and not be able to display products effectively.

Theme And Products: Consider your complements store’s theme with your products and overall retail design, the right shelving could enhance the ambiance style and unique shopping experience, same as the size and shapes of products, find the best way accommodate it and showcase them in display.

Weight Capacity: Consider the weight bearing of store shelving to make sure the materials and try to lower cost to keep high cost-effective before planing and design. TP Display could help you to give professional advise and testing experience in quotation. We won’t use the worst material as a standard for the lowest price.



Q. How do I clean and maintenance my store shelving?

A. Use a soft cloth to wipe with little cleaning solution or just dry wipe on the store shelving is fine. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that can damage the shelves' finish.

Q. Can I install store shelving myself?

A. Yes, we designed most of store shelving would be easy assembly with basic screwdrivers and drills. However, we packed the installation manual in carton to let customer follow the steps finish the installation. if you aren’t comfortable with DIY, we can prepare the video for you reference.

Q. Can I customize my store shelving to fit my specific needs?

A. Yes, we can customize the design, size, structure and branding what you required.

Q. Where can I buy or order store shelving?

A. Contact us, send your idea and specified of display, or details of your products, we will send you models for reference or choose, and give you advise and quote catch your mind or budget.


Post time: Mar-26-2023